Animals in the Wall

Animals will often get into your Dallas dwelling in search of a cozy place to nest. Unfortunately, they often accidentally get into your walls, which leads to an inconvenience for you if they leave a mess of droppings, or worse yet, die. Wildlife animals can fall into wall cavities through exterior holes on siding, pipes or air ducts.

Animals in the wall are dangerous not only to the integrity of the building, but to the animal, you, and your family. It’s pivotal to address the animals in your wall before it’s too late. Contact our Dallas professionals today to get rid of animals in the wall.

Signs of Animals in the Wall

Sounds and horrible scents are two big indications that there are animals in the wall. When pests and wildlife become trapped, they are likely to scratch and make noises of desperation. Scampering, clicking, and whimpering are just some of the sounds Dallas homeowners are likely to hear. The smell of feces or—given the worst possible outcome—dead animals, can also indicate animals in the wall. People should also keep an eye out for wildlife droppings around the home and holes in the wall that seem to be from chewing.

Problems: Damage & Disease

Animals in walls bring with them disease, structural damage, and the promise of secondary pests. Squirrels, raccoons, rats, mice, and birds are all known to carry various diseases that can be transmitted to humans, like rabies and plague. Another issue is the amount of feces that can gather within homes and spread diseases like Histoplasmosis. Wildlife animals in the wall can impact the integrity of buildings in the process of trying to get out. If they don’t get out of the wall in time, it will be their final resting place. Their death brings unpleasant odors and attracts secondary pests like flies and beetles.

Getting Rid of Animals in the Wall

Given all the unpleasant and dangerous implications of having animals in walls, homeowners are encouraged to call professional pest removal services like those at Trutech of Dallas at the first sign of infestation. Our trained technicians have access to appropriate tools and knowledge to get rid of pest populations. In addition, the professionals at Trutech of Dallas are also able to properly sanitize affected areas so your Dallas home is safe for human inhabitants once again.