What Types of Squirrels Are There in Dallas?

There are three species of squirrels that may move into Dallas residents’ backyards. While all part of the same family, the three squirrel species all favor different habitats and therefore create an array of problems for Dallas residents. Learn more below about the types of squirrels you may encounter in Dallas.

Tree Squirrels

Brown Tree Squirrel in Dallas

Tree squirrels are common across most of the United States. Tree squirrels have bushy tails and are exceptional climbers that predominantly build their nests in branches or isolated attics, though they may come to the ground to search for food. Unlike many other wildlife critters, squirrels are mostly active during the daytime. The largest type of tree squirrel, the fox squirrel (also known as the eastern fox squirrel) is most prominent in the Dallas area and is actually the largest species of squirrel native to North America. Read more below to learn about fox squirrels.

Ground Squirrels

Brown Ground Squirrel in Dallas Burrow

Unlike their tree-dwelling relatives, ground squirrels spend most of their time underground, and build underground nests. Ground squirrels have a smaller tail than tree squirrels. Another difference between tree squirrels and ground squirrels is how they respond to danger—ground squirrels will retreat into the safety of their underground burrow.

Flying Squirrels

Flying squirrel with arms spread wide

Dark, isolated & heavily-wooded areas are an exceptional living place for flying squirrels. Flying squirrels, unlike their other squirrel relatives, are nocturnal and spend most hours of the day resting inside hollow tree holes. Cozy spaces like attics and birdhouses also attract these types of squirrels.

Major Types of Squirrels Species

The most common types of squirrels in the U.S. are:

  • Gray squirrels—The biggest of the common squirrel species, gray squirrels can grow up to a foot and a half long, including their tail. Gray squirrels are the most widely distributed type of squirrel throughout the nation.
  • Fox squirrels—Often found in spacious states like Texas, these animals favor open, sunlit ground with lots of space for food-seeking and nesting.
  • Black squirrels—This type of squirrel is the hybrid of breeding gray and fox squirrels. Their dark fur retains more heat, allowing black squirrels to nest in colder areas.
  • Flying squirrels—Flying squirrels are quite secretive and don’t usually initiate contact with humans. Smaller than most other types of squirrels, measuring only about 12 inches long, and have a special skin membrane that helps them glide from tree to tree.

Problems & Damage From All Types of Squirrels

Regardless of which type of squirrel or species of squirrel is on your Dallas property or in your home, squirrels are undeniably a nuisance. Ground squirrels dig holes all over lawns, destroying carefully and expensively maintained grass and causing ground instability. Tree squirrels and flying squirrels cause issues by attic nesting and chewing habits. Squirrel pests also carry a range of deadly parasites/diseases.

Dallas yards with easy squirrel food sources like bird feeders, gardens, and nut or fruit trees are very susceptible to squirrel problems. To keep these pests out of gardens, get rid of fallen fruit and repair broken and compromised chimneys and roofs that may allow these crafty critters to get into your Dallas home. Dallas homeowners with frequent squirrel problems should contact Trutech of Dallas for expert help with all types of squirrels.