Dallas Wildlife in the Yard: When to Call the Experts

Raccoons Lounging on Tree Branches in Dallas YardAnimals are a pivotal part of nature, but finding animals in the yard where they are too close to your Dallas home for comfort can be deeply unsettling. Wildlife is often drawn onto properties by the lure of food sources, shelter and a zone free of danger. Squirrels, raccoons, and birds all often find safe places for nesting in ornamental trees, low-traffic attics, & open garages—all these areas are ideal for building nests and raising young. Raccoons, opossums, and rodents search for food sources that are low-hanging fruit, so to speak, such as Dallas gardens, bird feeders and suet, lawns, and trash cans. Dallas yards also offer safety from natural predators like wolves, bears, and coyotes. Even though wildlife animals in the yard might seem better than wildlife home invasions, these pests are still hazards to human health and safety even when they’re in your Dallas yard.

Signs of Animals in the Yard

Identifying wildlife infestations in the yard is pretty easy because you can normally see the animals. Animals such as birds, squirrels, raccoons and more are easily visible while they are causing damage, but some animals are not so obvious. Dallas homeowners should regularly take a look at their yards to make sure animal droppings, tracks and damage are not noticeable, but if it is, it may warrant a call to Trutech of Dallas.

Is it Important to Get Rid of Animals in the Yard?

Though many wildlife are a pleasure to observe and interact with, Dallas yards, houses, and other residential areas aren’t meant for wild animals—they belong in their natural habitat, a safe distance from humans. Wildlife can damage houses, spread disease, and invite parasites and other secondary pests that are harmful to humans and household pets in Dallas. Though it can be tempting, nuisance animals in the yard should never be tolerated—and least of all encouraged—by providing food sources. Dallas homeowners put themselves at risk when they try to eliminate these creatures from private properties without assistance. Luckily, the wildlife control professionals at Trutech of Dallas can help remove wildlife pests and keep your Dallas home and yard safe from unwanted animals.