Dallas Wildlife Removal and Control

At Trutech, our goal is to challenge the idea that wildlife control has to be a long, painful, and frustrating process. Our expert technicians are skilled at solving all your wildlife problems and making sure that they never come back. A collective century of experience speaks volumes to the relationship we build with our customers, and we are licensed and bonded for your peace of mind.


At Trutech of Dallas, we are committed to using the most appropriate and humane methods of trapping and wildlife control, which means that our methods are ever-evolving to provide the best possible service to our customers. Our exceptional strategies are the result of years of hard work and dedication, and a culture that fosters innovation in the minds of our experts. Our Dallas wildlife control technicians have a deep respect for and knowledge of local wildlife, and we have great respect for all living creatures. That’s why we have the specific tools necessary for the trapping and control of local animals and pests in a way that is humane. We also take great care to ensure that our environmentally-sensitive techniques have an especially minimal impact on the surrounding environment. After all, Dallas is our home, too—and therefore, we want to do our part to maintain its health and happiness.


Furthermore, when you hire Trutech of Dallas, you can expect an efficient long-term solution. We do more than just solve the problem; we take precautionary steps afterward to ensure that the issue won’t manifest again after we’re gone. We are committed to solutions that last. If you need to employ the services of a wildlife control team, the team at Trutech of Dallas is the best group of wildlife management experts around! Reach out today and let us help you.

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Dallas Wildlife Removal Services

Dallas is home to a number of wildlife creatures that make it the vibrant community it is. Unfortunately, when these animals and pests come into your home, the natural appreciation can turn to dismay. Don’t worry! Call Trutech of Dallas as soon as possible. With Trutech’s local technicians on your animal problem, you can expect long-term results and service with a smile. Don’t risk your safety and the hygiene of your home with DIY methods or ineffective sprays or traps—our licensed team members will provide a fast solution that will restore your Dallas home and animal-proof it for future incursions. Squirrels in the attic, bats in the chimney, and rats in the kitchen are no match for Trutech of Dallas!

Professional Raccoon Removal

Raccoons will not hesitate to enter a residential area if there’s a chance they’ll find food there, and they can be very dangerous. Raccoons can carry disease and will quickly become aggressive if provoked, so if you need to remove them from your property, call Trutech. Our local experts have spent years developing the most efficient capture and removal techniques. For the best wildlife management services in Dallas, reach out today. We’ll get the job done right.


Get Rid of Squirrels

Do you hear the shuffling of squirrels in your attic? It can be difficult to get rid of these little creatures yourself, but Dallas’ Trutech team has years of experience capturing and removing squirrels and other animals from homes. For a solution that lasts, reach out today. See how we can help you.


Get Rid of Bats

If you’re being kept awake all night by bats flying around in your chimney or attic, then it’s time to call Trutech! We can help you return to your pest-free day-to-day life with effective bat control and bat removal services. Call us today, and our local experts will work with you to make sure your home is protected from these nocturnal winged animals.


Effective Rat Removal

In your home, there is no animal quite as terrifying to come across as a rat. These small rodents are quick to act, potentially destroying parts of your home and yard with their chewing and defecation. Rats are known to carry bacteria, diseases, and insects that can harm both pets and humans. Trutech of Dallas’ rat removal experts have developed cutting-edge methods of safe and effective rat control.


Call Your Dallas Technician Today

Call Trutech of Dallas today and our skilled, insured technicians will immediately resolve even your animal removal and wildlife control needs. Our Trutech Pledge guarantees you will receive the highest standard of service. All our control and removal services are performed according to industry standards & humane practices. Call us today for exceptional wildlife removal service!






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Joy Starr


8 months ago

I appreciate the cooperation between my Trutech Service Rep and myself (homeowner) in coming up with successful decimation of rat problems. I know that the pests are desparate to find sustenence, but I was getting worried how far they would go to get it and for my pets safety as well as my own. Thank you, Mark!

Ursula Post


8 months ago

Chris was great. We had 5 skunks living under our patio. He even came on Saturday and Sunday to empty the traps make sure they were all caught in a humane way.

Bob Gorsky


5 months ago

Excellent and responsive service!

bob moreland


4 months ago

Josh and Mark were excellent to deal with. Both were very professional and courteous. I would recommend this service to my friends and neighbors

LauraNeil Anson


4 months ago

Great customer service! We have been very pleased with both their removal/exclusion services and their monthly pest control services.

Jim Minyard


3 months ago

Very professional and thorough in clearing and sealing our attic from rats.



2 months ago

I did the typical subject search & read all the reviews on Trutech. Called for an appt. but w/no job or contract committment...I still wasn't 100% on board. Josh came out, walked my space, gave me an honest assessment w/pros & cons. Team …



3 weeks ago

TRUTECH did a great job helping us get squirrels out of our crawl space. Josh was very thorough in identifying problem areas and Mark was so great at working with us until the squirrels were gone. Mary W.

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