We recently discovered serious rat activity in our Dallas home, so we hired a rat extermination service, but now we need home and attic disinfection, clean-up, and restoration. Can you help?


Yes! Trutech of Dallas is experienced when it comes to attic restoration and cleaning. There are a variety of solutions we can implement for you, depending upon how serious the damage is in your attic.

Trutech of Dallas has the know-how to “R-Juvenate” your attic. R-Juvenate is a process invented by Trutech that restores your Dallas attic as closely as possible to its original critter-free state without having to complete the entire process of insulation removal/reinstallation. As soon as a wildlife critter enters an attic, it impacts the insulation’s R-Value, which can add to your energy bills. R-Juvenate will help restore the insulation back to its original state.

Pests like rodents carry ectoparasites (fleas, ticks, mites, etc.) on their fur. These ectoparasites can repopulate and spread into your Dallas home.

R-Juvenate will effectively spread an insecticide dust inside your insulation and eradicate these parasites. We also employ a variety of enzyme active bio-cleaners to clean the rodent droppings—and if the issue is serious enough, we will manually get rid of droppings from your Dallas attic.

Most Dallas attic restorations can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on how extreme the wildlife damage is. Regardless of the size of your attic restoration, we can help. We provide free attic inspections and will be glad to work closely with you to determine the best course of action for your attic restoration.