Do you get rid of ground moles, and if so, how?


Yes, we can help you get rid of ground moles. Ground moles are handled with a recurring program consisting of trapping and deterrents. A mole can create up to 50 feet of new tunneling in a single day. That goes to show that a mole can cause a lot of damage to your yard in a very short amount of time. Your Dallas technician will first inspect your Dallas property and stomp all existing mole tunnels. The technician will return in the next couple of days and address any new activity. If we can identify a “highway” tunnel, which is typically the longest and straightest type of mole tunnel, we will set traps to catch the moles.

If activity is very sporadic and no highway tunnel is able to be identified, we will resort to fumigants. The fumigant options we use are sulfur-based smoke bombs, which eradicate any moles currently inside of the tunnels. Once activity is down from trapping and/or fumigants, we will then start treating the area to prevent future activity. Trutech of Dallas will apply a perimeter deterrent to deter any moles that make their way to your yard. Deterrents, along with trapping, are the only prevention methods for moles.