Animal Sounds

Using Animal Sounds to Identify Infestations

Because attics and the interior of walls offer protection from the elements and predators, animals are drawn to them. Depending on the season and type of critter, cozy spots like attics and walls are used to give birth and nurse babies. Luckily (yet somewhat unfortunately), pests inside your home and seldom silent, so it’s fairly easy to tell if you have unwelcome guests simply by the animal sounds. Dallas homeowners should keep an ear out for chirping, chittering, squeaking, scratching, thumping and other noises.

What Animals Are Active at Night?

The majority of pests are active at night, with the exception of squirrels. Homeowners are usually able to discern tree branches scraping their homes from pest behavior due to the accompanying noises like clawing, thumping & more.

Because squirrels and rats are common in the Dallas area, you may hear evidence of chewing sounds. In addition, certain pests make other noises like clicking (opossums) and growling (raccoons).

What Issues Do Wildlife Animals Cause?

Animal infestations can cause more than just a headache from noise—they can also present contamination considerations and present health hazards.

  • Pests spread disease through feces and urine, and food debris, dead animals and droppings all draw insects like maggots and flies.
  • While constructing nests, wildlife animals cause damage by ripping insulation and exacerbating entry point size with their claws and teeth.

Because of the potential problems pests can cause, Dallas homeowners would be wise to address any issues immediately. Wildlife often act defensively if they are approached and feel threatened, so it’s best to contact the wildlife removal professionals Trutech of Dallas to remove these critters for you.