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What Are Opossums and Where Are They Found?

Opossums are medium-size grey marsupials with a light face and a long snout. Their unique appearance often leads to people mistaking them for large rodents, though they are actually the nation’s only marsupial. Opossums prefer to live in heavily wooded areas and find shelter in nature under logs and trees. A unique characteristics of opossums is their tendency to “play possum”. Playing possum, or pretending they’re dead, is done to evade predators. The marsupials are nocturnal, so it’s likely that you may not ever even see them on your Dallas property.

Are Opossums Really Dangerous?

Opossums, also commonly known as possums, aren’t inherently dangerous to humans. In fact, they’re somewhat beneficial to your property as tick-hunters, but opossums will cause damage to your Dallas property. Learn more about opossum damage below.

What’s So Bad About Opossums?

Opossums are clever. Like raccoons, they will sift through trash to find food if your trash is not secure. If you see that your trash is strewn about and you suspect an opossum visitor, contact the professionals at Trutech of Dallas. Our team of professionals will keep these unique marsupials off your property.

If you’re having concerns about our opossum removal causing harm to the opossum, fear not—we practice only the most humane opossum control and removal and will be sure to keep you, your Dallas property and the opossum as safe as possible. Our opossum experts have the tools and knowledge needed proper opossum removal. If you worry about opossums on your property, contact Trutech of Dallas’ team for help with opossum control.

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Opossums are generally about the size of house cats. They measure between 2 and 3 feet long and weigh no more than 15 pounds. Adept climbers, opossums have oddly shaped hind feet with opposable thumbs. Other distinguishing features include their long, pointed snouts, fierce, dark eyes, and hairless prehensile tails. Males are generally larger than females.


Opportunistic foragers, opossums are omnivorous and enjoy a diverse diet. They eat anything from trash to carrion. Some of their favorite meals include snakes, frogs, birds, eggs, berries, nuts, fruits, and various other forms of vegetation.


Native to North America, opossums are highly adaptable and now live in a range of climates. In the wild, they prefer to live under natural cover and are frequently seen in the tree tops. Unless a mother opossum is tending to her offspring, the animals prefer to live alone.




The space beneath porches, decks, and stairs all serve as ideal nesting locations for opossums. If they can find entry, they will also inhabit areas within buildings, such as attics and garages. Since opossums are nocturnal, humans are often unaware of their presence until their foraging behavior becomes a problem. In their search for food, the marsupials may leave behind trash debris and fecal deposits. They even damage property in the way of potential food.



Opossums and other small mammals make meals out of honey bees, which is problematic for beekeepers and negatively affects pollination efforts. Gardens also offer convenient meals and suffer from opossum foraging. Their feces and urine contaminate water and food sources. Finally, opossums are known to carry tuberculosis, tularemia, and Chagas disease, and serve as hosts for fleas. Any bites or scratches received from the animals should be treated immediately by medical professionals.



To prevent opossums from taking up residence under decks and building foundations, property owners should seal any holes with caulk or wire mesh strong enough to withstand animal disturbances. Also, access to potential food sources should be limited. Individuals can achieve this by sealing trash bins with fitted lids and keeping pet and livestock food in secured locations.



Safety is the number one priority, so inexperienced individuals should seek professional removal assistance when opossums become problematic. Tructech wildlife specialists operate with up-to-date equipment and have extensive knowledge of opossum behavior. Taking an integrated pest management approach, our staff can assist in wild animal removal.