Why Identification Matters

Rodents leave behind large amounts of droppings when they infest homes. Being able to tell the difference between rat and mouse poop is important because it can help distinguish which pest is causing the issue. Aspects of control like trap placement and finding entry holes rely on correct identification.

What is the Difference Between Rat and Mouse Poop?

Homeowners should never get too close to rodent feces due to the high risk of disease transmission. A quick visual check is usually all it takes to tell the difference between rat vs. mouse droppings.

As a rule, rat poop:

  • Measures about 1/3 of an inch in length
  • Appears similar in size to a raisin
  • Has one pointed or tapered end

On the other hand, mouse feces:

  • Never exceed 1/4 of an inch long
  • Look like grains of rice
  • Have pointed ends

Finding Rodent Droppings in the House

Rodent waste indoors is a sure sign of infestation. Regardless of whether these feces are rat or mouse droppings, the right response is to contact pest professionals. Both rodents contaminate food and spread diseases. Trutech technicians can stop the pests before they do serious damage.